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I am a Senior Digital Strategist and an Innovative Technologist from Calgary, Canada. I would like to leverage my diverse and extensive experience and knowledge together with my entrepreneurial zeal, to help organizations realize their digital and business goals.

It's through collaboration and innovation that I found that I could drive change. By being proactive, innovative, taking some smart risks and being passionate about what I do, I have been able to lay the seeds for digital evolution within establishments I have worked with.

I spend my time researching, analyzing and providing my clients with actionable insights as to how digital transformation, disruption, innovation and the experience economy are changing how business is done. Bringing together the technology layer with the human layer, I seek to solve the biggest challenges that companies have today; how to grow, scale, change and adapt to a world where technology and media shift at breakneck speed. I also assist my clients develop and refine their Digital presence which consists of, but not limited to SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Inbound marketing, Content marketing, Digital marketing and Platform experiences.

Name :Randeep (Ron) Singh
Address :Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Digital Foot Print


Some Web Sites that I have designed and coded myself for friends and family. The work included all UX?UI elements, Images, Graphics, backend coding, app integeration etc. (Urban Portraits was a community based initative, commissioned by the City of Calgary. While the project was designed for in Gallery viewing across Alberta, I volunteered to build an online presence for the project).

urban portraits

Urban Portraits

Masala Mantra

Masala Mantra

Kerri Singh Photography

Kerri Singh Photography

2Create Photography

2Create Photography

Digital Strategy and Cooking

I have always considered crafting a successful digital Marketing Strategy akin to fashioning a perfect meal. Just as in the kitchen, one must have the right fresh ingredients, the right tools (mixing bowls, chefs knife, oven, stove) and above all a guiding recipe for the prefect outcome, so too in a successful digital marketing campaign one must have the right mix of ingredients (videos, images, content), the right tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and of course a Digital Strategy to bring it all together.
Digital Strategy then, like cooking becomes both an art and science. And of course there is always the secret ingredient, which makes the recipe or strategy stand out. This I believe is driven by one’s own sense of adventurism, that itch to try something new, an added dash of an ingredient not called for in the recipe, just enough to make it your own. Glad to share with you my two passions.

Digital Marketing

While developing a Digital Marketing Campaign for 2Create360, I wanted to epitomize the key attributes of the company, which were youthful attitude, inquisitiveness, always absorbing new concepts, not afraid to try new things, and brimming with fresh ideas. Earlier, unrelated to the assignment, my wife had photographed our son, through her brilliantly creative lens, as he had played with his laptop. These images were perfect for what I needed. He was quickly adopted as our brand ambassador and eventually the series of images led to a rather successful online marketing campaign.
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Culinary Adventures

“Oh, I adore to cook. It makes me feel so mindless in a worthwhile way.”Truman Capote
That basically sums it up for me.

In my opinion cooking is probably the most succulent of human pleasures and when I come home to my kitchen, I realize it is there that I can best satisfy the eccentricities of my own palate. Here I share some of some of my culinary explorations at the Singh Zing Kitchen.

Photography bythe wifeand Instagram Channel maintained bythe kid.
SinghZing Kitchen
SinghZing Kitchen
SinghZing Kitchen

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Digital Art

“"Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art."Constantin Stanislavski
Digital art can be defined as anything of a visual nature that artists created with the aid of a computer. It is intimately linked to science and technology, which are fundamental to its creation and physical substance.
Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. It is subjective and stimulating and seeks to enlighten and entertain. Art is not about the tools used to create it, but rather the vision, message, or emotion of the artist.
Photography is a medium through which artists may create art. Likewise, a computer is just a medium or tool through which an artist can express their vision of line, form, color, composition, and rhythm.
Here you can see my indulgence in expressing my artistic persona through digital art using Photoshop, Snapseed and my Samsung Galaxy Phone Camera.

SinghZing  Digital Art
SinghZing Digital Art
SinghZing Digital Art

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