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 Randeep Singh

Senior Digital Strategist

Technology Maven | Innovator

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I am a Senior Digital Strategist and an Innovative Technologist from Calgary, Canada. I would like to leverage my diverse and extensive experience and knowledge together with my entrepreneurial zeal, to help organizations realize their digital and business goals.

It's through collaboration and innovation that I found that I could drive change. By being proactive, innovative, taking some smart risks and being passionate about what I do, I have been able to lay the seeds for digital evolution within establishments I have worked with.

I spend my time researching, analyzing and providing my clients with actionable insights as to how digital transformation, disruption, innovation and the experience economy are changing how business is done. Bringing together the technology layer with the human layer, I seek to solve the biggest challenges that companies have today; how to grow, scale, change and adapt to a world where technology and media shift at breakneck speed. I also assist my clients develop and refine their Digital presence which consists of, but not limited to SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Inbound marketing, Content marketing, Digital marketing and Platform experiences.

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Name : Randeep (Ron) Singh
Address : 840 9thst. sw. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Skype : thesingzing
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2Create360 Logo Senior Digital Strategist @ 2Create360

Feb 2017 - Present -3 yrs

As Senior Digital Strategist for 2Create360, I currently manage an aggressive portfolio of over 17 businesses, Government organisation and municipalities. I spend my time researching, analyzing and providing my clients with insights as to how digital transformation, disruption, innovation and the experience economy are changing how business is done. Bringing together the technology layer with the human layer, I seek to solve the biggest challenges that y clients have today have today; how to grow, scale, change and adapt to a world where technology and media shift at breakneck speed. So what does this mean? It means that I spend my life learning about what drives people to adopt new technology so I can share those secrets with companies that are ready to take their business to the next level. My role is to provide our clients with what they need to know to out innovate and turn disruption from threat, into a business model for success.

I also work with them to develop and refine their marketing strategy which consists of, but not limited to SEO, SEM , SMO, SMM, inbound marketing, content marketing , digital marketing and platform experiences (UXP).

2Create360 Logo Technology Consultant @ Project OnIt

Feb 2015 - Dec 2015
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City of Calgary  Innovation Evangelist /Digital Strategist @ The City of Calgary

Jan 2013 - Feb 2015 - 2 yrs 2 mos

This role was instrumental in exploring emerging New Digital Communication Technologies and trends and aligning them with City of Calgary's business goals. The aim was to determine ways in which these technologies can be leveraged to continuously improve and enhance the City of Calgary's communication endeavours on the Digital Front.

Initiatives included

  • Gamification and its applications within a municipal government
  • Augmented Reality as an engagement tool
  • BigData and its functional aspects.
  • Location based Contextual Information on all platforms
  • Feasibility of SaaS / Cloud Services for Government
  • Articial Intelligence (AI )and ChatBots
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Single SignOn Solutions (SSO )
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Dashboards
  • Automated Content Dissemination
  • SEO, SEM , inbound marketing, content marketing

City of Calgary Team Lead, NewMedia Production @ The City of Calgary

March 2009 - Jan 2017 - 3 yrs 11 mos

  • Hired to establish an in-house New Media development practice for the City of Calgary
  • As part of the mandate, I recruited and managed a team of 14 developers and designers.
  • I proposed and secured stakeholder buy in for a Search based approach instead of traditional AI for the City's new website.
  • Led the UX/UI design effort for the City of Calgary's Award winning website.
  • Responsible for external vendor selection and supervision
  • Instituted digital development policies, best practices and operational guidelines
  • Authored and implemented accessibility guidelines for digital content and media assets.
  • Introduced Agile developed methodology for all development work
  • Created the Mobile Application Development Framework for The City of Calgary
  • Pioneered the development of the first four City of Calgary official mobile app
  • Championed NewMedia Production services to other business units and stakeholders
  • Responsible for external vendor selection and supervision
  • Delivered innovative and award wining web and mobile applications
  • Four Interactive Media Awards (IMA) in 2010. Best in Class in three separate categories.
  • Was personally recognized in council by two Mayors and awarded three "Star of Excellence awards"

Nuvostyle  Co-Founder/Ecommerce Strategist @ Nuvostyle Diamonds Online

Jan 2007 - May 2009 - 2 yrs 5 mos
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Cyanyz  Partner/Project Manager @ Cyanyz Communication

Oct 2005 - May 2009 - 3 yrs 8 mos
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WWQuote  Technichal Advisor @ WWquote.com

Feb 2006 - May 2009 - 3 yrs 2 mos
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City of Calgary  VP, Operations @ Datahive Datacenter

May 2003 - May 2007 - 4 yrs 1 mos
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DREAMCATHER Manager, IT @ DreamCatcher Group

Jan 2000 - April 2003 - 3 yrs 4 mos
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TELUS Research Analyst (Technology) @ TELUS

March 1998 - Feb 2000 - 2 yrs 1 mos
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TELUS Research Associate. (Emerging Digital Technology & Trends) @ Angus Reid Group

May 1996 - March 1998 - 1 yrs 11 mos
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 University of Alberata | Master Level Courses |

1992 - 1995

Micro Economics and Computer programming


  • Started Sikh Sudents Student Club
  • Reseacrh assistant for The Dean of Environmental Economics
  • Completed the Edmonton Marathon

 Delhi University, India | Bachelors Degree |

1987 - 1990

Degree specialising in Politics and Mathematics.


  • Won Gold in National Rifle Shooting Championship
  • Earned 2nd Dan Black Belt ~Shotokan Karate
  • Shortlisted to represent India in Commonwealth Games

 Sir Henry Daly High School, India | High School |

1981- 1987

Grade 12 with a focus in Engineering Drawing.


  • School Prefect
  • Captain of the Rifle Shooting Team
  • Captain of Equestrian Team
  • Member of School Athletics Team
  • Chess Team
  • Debating Team
  • Awarded Sword of Honour, National Cadet Corp


 Canadian Management Centre |Applied Project Management |

2013- 2013

 CMC |City of Calgary Supervisory Leadership Development Series

2013- 2013

 Scrum Alliance Calgary |Scrum Master Certification

2011- 2011

 Angus Reid Group Internship Market Research Methodology & Techniques

1996- 1997


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Interative Media Award
Interative Media Award
Interative Media Award

Digital Foot Print


Some Web Sites that I have designed and coded myself for friends and family. The work included all UX?UI elements, Images, Graphics, backend coding, app integeration etc. (Urban Portraits was a community based initative, commissioned by the City of Calgary. While the project was designed for in Gallery viewing across Alberta, I volunteered to build an online presence for the project).

urban portraits

Urban Portraits

Masala Mantra

Masala Mantra

Shades of Huamnity

Shades of Humanity

2Create Photography

2Create Photography

DIgital Strategy and Cooking

I have always considered crafting a successful digital Marketing Strategy akin to fashioning a perfect meal. Just as in the kitchen, one must have the right fresh ingredients, the right tools (mixing bowls, chefs knife, oven, stove) and above all a guiding recipe for the prefect outcome, so too in a successful digital marketing campaign one must have the right mix of ingredients (videos, images, content), the right tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and of course a Digital Strategy to bring it all together.
Digital Strategy then, like cooking becomes both an art and science. And of course there is always the secret ingredient, which makes the recipe or strategy stand out. This I believe is driven by one’s own sense of adventurism, that itch to try something new, an added dash of an ingredient not called for in the recipe, just enough to make it your own. Glad to share with you my two passions.

Digital Marketing

While developing a Digital Marketing Campaign for 2Create360, I wanted to epitomize the key attributes of the company, which were youthful attitude, inquisitiveness, always absorbing new concepts, not afraid to try new things, and brimming with fresh ideas. Earlier, unrelated to the assignment, my wife had photographed our son, through her brilliantly creative lens, as he had played with his laptop. These images were perfect for what I needed. He was quickly adopted as our brand ambassador and eventually the series of images led to a rather successful online marketing campaign.
Visit 2Create360 website to view.


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Culinary Adventures

“Oh, I adore to cook. It makes me feel so mindless in a worthwhile way.” Truman Capote
That basically sums it up for me.

In my opinion cooking is probably the most succulent of human pleasures and when I come home to my kitchen, I realize it is there that I can best satisfy the eccentricities of my own palate. Here I share some of some of my culinary explorations at the Singh Zing Kitchen.

Photography by the wife and Instagram Channel maintained by the kid .
SinghZing Kitchen
SinghZing Kitchen
SinghZing Kitchen

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